Vinyl-Iconik 260D

Brief description of the product

Vinyl-Iconik 260D

ICONIK 260D offers a wide selection of wood-effect, ceramic and graphic designs decorations to meet the different needs of the home. The collection ensures high resistance to daily wear and an acoustic improvement of 16 dB. The Extreme Protection surface treatment guarantees high resistance and easy cleaning while maintaining the appearance of the floor.

Technical features

Selection of best seller designs
2.6mm thick with 0.20mm wear layer
16 dB of acoustic reduction
High resistance against scratches, stains and wear
Guaranteed for 10 years
Technical and environmental specifications
Product type: Expanded (cushioned) poly (vinyl chloride) floor covering (ISO 26986)
Residential classification: 22 High / Medium
Surface treatment: X-treme
Total thickness: 2.60 mm
Wear layer thickness: 0.22mm


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